Canary Islands & caribbean sea

Sunny places according trips : why not a sailing boat ?
Host on board my 34 feet long sailing boat ARGO according the trips, worldwide if can be reach by
sail ! Live an exciting and entirely different experience than on land ! Available for accomodations
for a night, day or weekend sailing possible, longer trips to be considered. Wild moorings in front of
nudist beaches, discovery of sea life, snorkeling, full nude freedom out of marinas and free minded
activities according of wishes and consent of each ones.
This way of life has a cost : serious concerns compared to on-land life with strict frugality about
fresh water and energy, marine toilets, cool showers only, mandatory promiscuity, reduced

Aft double berth, a narrow single one in the saloon, front one to be shared with the captain
according feelings.
ARGO is a tiny boat built for ocean passages and rough artic seas, hull in thick aluminium to brake
the ice, warm wooden accomodations inside, security according hard merchant navy rules,
electronic and safety equipments updated. You will be in safety, whatever the place is.
Captain Olivier is a retired professionnal skipper with huge experience at sea, including many
hundred of thousand miles at sea all around the world, and managed also a shipyard. He will be
pleased to share his way of life with you in an open minded and free spirit, and to sail with you if
you wish.
ARGO is currently (end of 2021) in the Canarias Islands. To go to Carribean then to Florida or
Central America are up to further regulations in the visited countries about the Covid pandemia.
Prices : 35€/$ by night, 45€/$ for a couple. A meal can be added if requested on reservation. Longer
stays according each case.
Strictly non-smoking, no drugs, no spirit on board.
French and english spoken.

August 2023

I will leave the Caribbean  to sail to Panama canal, jump over both Americas in the Pacific, then sail up to Costa Rica for a few weeks or months, according how I feel there. Hope to find some nudist cool guys there! I propose a free week for those who want to help for going through the canal



35€/$ by night,

45€/$ for a couple.

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