frequently  asked  Questions

what is NGL (nude-gay-lodging) ?

NGL is not a company, but a group name for nudists who rent a bed, room or apartment to other male nudists. This is where naked guests and hosts find each other. Each individual host on this site acts in their own name and responsibility.

Is it exclusively for gay men ?

No! These offers are for all MEN who are nudists, naturists or simply like to be naked in community. So every man, whether gay, hetero or bi etc. can become a guest or host.

Do I have to be naked ?

That's the purpose of this page. If you do not feel well naked, maybe you should think about another option.
You have never been a naked guest, but would you like to try it? Inform your host. Maybe you can first keep your undies and acclimatize yourself. As a rule, the host already welcomes you naked - that takes a bit of awe.

Can I book a stay with my wife / girlfriend together ?

This is an offer for men only! But ask the host, if it is ok for him. There is a special Icon this option

it is only possible to offer / get separate guest rooms ?

No !!! Any sleeping option can be offered if it is described accordingly. Guest houses, guest rooms, guest beds / sofa beds / air mattresses in the shared living room or bedroom as well as a shared bed with the host.

How can I book accommodation ?

There is a contact button for each host - usually at location & contact. Via the hidden link you can contact the host via e-mail and process the booking.

BTW: It would be charming if the future guest could identify themselves when making the booking request. The hosts also show their faces - and there are enough anonymous booking portals on the net...

where and how should I pay ?

Payment is made by arrangement to the respective host. Some hosts offer free stay
For Berlin-Gesundbrunnen a deposit of the first night is required. (note cancellation policy) This can be done directly on the site. Use the payment button. The remaining payment is also by appointment.

How can I cancel the booking ?

The handling of cancellations must be determined by each host.
For Berlin-Gesundbrunnen the conditions are to be found on the host's side.
PLEASE !!! Be fair to the hosts and cancel in time.

check in / check out

The times for the check-in / out are different for all hosts. Since they are mostly private hosts, times are often not changeable. Please keep to the agreed times and stay in contact.

can booking fees apply?

NO NEVER. Booking our accommodations is free for guests and hosts. No hidden costs!
This website is financed through advertising and donations.

Complaints and claims.

Each host is self-responsible. Please clarify all questions and circumstances with the respective host. The operator of this website is not liable for the fault of the individual hosts.

the accommodation was not as described

The accommodation was not as described, the pictures do not match. Contact the host and talk to them about it. If necessary, find a solution. Please also report this to me,  operator of this website, so that I can update the profile with the host. The contact e-mail for the site is

are erections allowed?

An erection is a natural process and can rarely be controlled. For nudists, this usually does not pose a problem. If you are unsure, ask your host if you should hide an erection. There are special Icons if it's definitely welcome.

sex with the host ?

This is neither a dating nor a sex platform. Nevertheless - if it fits, ask your host ;-)

Maybe it will be possible to have sex with the host! It's NOT a booking option!! Be respectful, please!


please ask before take photos! There is a special Icon this option.

Can I also become a host at NGL ?

Yes, of course!
You are a nudist, just like to be naked or just have no problem with naked men in your apartment? You like to host guests?
You are welcome! 
Take a moment to think about your offer, describe your accommodation and your neighborhood. Take a few pictures of your accommodation and yourself.
You can show links to your social media profiles

There are no costs for you !!! ( but I would be happy about the payment of any voluntary donation, since the operation of the site also incurs costs.)
Note, however, that you are responsible for your offer. NGL only provides the supply page.

There is a WhatsApp group only for NGL hosts where you can share experiences etc.
You are interested? Then click the button below and send Informations and pics.

Why can't I create my offer myself?

- to have a uniform appearance
- Control of the posted content
- exclusion of fake profiles
- such additional functions make the operation of websites more expensive - and this site should remain free for guests and hosts

what information is required in the offer?

information about the location and the accommodation is required. Describe your space and the equipment as well as the residential area. Add some pics too - also from yourself
Information about yourself is also helpful (whatever you want to share). Prices and check-in times are necessary.
With links to your social media profiles (twitter, Instagram, Romeo, Oh! Naturist, etc.) you can show more of yourself. 

Can I accommodate my guests for free?

Of course! Whether you ask your guests for money or let them stay for free is up to you.

NGL is all about accommodation for male nudists.

How do I handle payment?

We generally recommend requesting a deposit before confirming your booking. (Paypal etc.) This often filters out fakers. Payment in advance or upon arrival makes sense.

Can I post a link to misterb&b, airb&b, etc?

Never!  We are NOT a free advertising platform for commercial booking portals that ultimately earn money with our work.

what kind of pictures may i show in the offer?

any kind of picture can be shown in the offer. Pictures of the accommodation and at least one picture of the host are required - preferably naked.
For pictures with your guests you should have the consent of the guests.
Please note that due to the protection of minors, sensitive areas will be covered.

There is a speicial twitter account only for nude pics of our hosts where you could share what ever you wanna show.

How can I change or add to my offer?

Please send an email with your changes or additions to . These are carried out promptly.

My contact email changed

Please keep your listing up to date. Let us know if your contact details change and always leave a second contact option with the admin. If there are indications that the email address is not working or no one is responding, the listing will be deactivated. A reactivation costs €25.00  Please send an email  to .

i wanna stop hosting

Please be fair and let us know immediately if you no longer offer your accommodation.


That is possible. This page is partly financed with advertising. Please ask for the conditions.

i like this website and wanna help  🏳️‍🌈

Do you think this website is wonderful and you would like to help somehow? With pleasure!! It would be fantastic if you advertise us with friends or on your profiles on social networks. Since the operation of this website also costs money and the use of the website should remain free, a donation would also be very helpful. Even the smallest amount helps to keep the website interesting and promote it. You will find a link for this at the bottom of the page.

Note that there are fees for the guest and the host on other portals. Not with us!!

We have a WhatsApp group only for our hosts and a WhatsApp group for guests & hosts (only real former guests)                    Come and enjoy the NGL family