naked sailing


Guys, naked, sailing on a traditional wooden vessel through the Flores Sea. Free, and honest, and fun. True camaraderie.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is. A dream that can be fulfilled. Or maybe just something that’ll make great memories…



The mood’s relaxed.  Some guys are in shorts or sarongs or speedos; some are nude. And the crew’s adept but mellow, in an island-fashion typical in this part of the world – replete with an overlay of Southeast Asian politeness (you’re 40 minutes away from Bali).  This isn’t just the way to travel. This is the way to be.



Amongst literally thousands of islands – Indonesia’s archipelago boasts nearly 17,000 pieces of land surrounded by water – many are uninhabited, and many are small. Glancing around, you can see craggy rocks, sensuous hills, and mountains – all surrounded by a mix of seas. The sparkling sun reflects off them, and wildlife appears at the strangest times (think flying fish, flying foxes, and bright blue kingfishers – flying fast from the trees). As striking as it is wild, the land and the sea and the air and the light all combine to create a spectacular landscape. And the all-male environment turns it into a man’s landscape. You’re in a place where a man can escape.



We sail on Pinisi boats, which have been crafted in the same Bugis tradition for over a thousand years. Made without a single nail, UNESCO recently designated Pinisi as an art of “Intangible Cultural Heritage.” Our ships have preserved their traditional ambience, but offer modern, clean and safe spaces.

This vessel was built in 2018, and can carry up to 13 guests. There are five cabins: one above deck and four below. Additional space for socializing includes three decks on three different levels, and an indoor lounge. All cabins are air conditioned, have their own bathrooms, and can be reserved as private rooms, if desired.


Private Room / Reserved Room Charges

The StandardPlus Trip Price for one person is $2,190. Additional charges for Private or Reserved rooms are listed below:

Upper Deck Cabin (CABIN 1)
– 1 double bed (can have an additional single mattress on floor)
Private Room for One, add $2,090
Reserved Room for Two, add $890

Lower Deck Cabin  (CABIN 3A, 3B)
– 1 double bed and 1 single bed
Private Room for One, add $3,390
Reserved Room for Two, add $1,690
Reserved Double Bed (for one person) in Shared Cabin, add $1,090 

Lower Deck Cabin (CABIN 2A, 2B) – 2 single beds
Private Room for One, add $1,690
Reserved Room for Two, add $390

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7 day trip  US$ 2,190


          All meals, from trip start to finish

  • Afternoon snacks

  • Soft drinks, mineral water, Juice-of-the-Day, coffee, tea

  • Beer, wine, arak, vodka, gin, whisky, and rum

  • Fruit basket – any time of day or night

  • All linens, including towels

  • Services of two Western Group Leaders on boat

  • Services of Captain and Crew

  • Hotel on night 6

  • National Park access fees

  • Wifi

  • Two massages

  • Body shaving services

  • Snorkeling gear (and instruction, if you want)

  • Warm welcome with transport from airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores (LBJ) to your hotel, on the day before we sail

  • Pick up from your hotel to boat marina on first day




the founders of Everything To Sea


Dave is American by birth, but currently lives in Bali.  Formerly a cultural anthropologist with a focus on Western New Guinea, Dave was first exposed to nudity by tribesmen – and only later embraced it as a lifestyle for himself.  Well-travelled, he discovered his joy for naked sailing on small ships over the last ten years. With his love for people, curiosity for adventure and sense of humor that’s anything but typical, Dave is the man you want to travel with.


Max also lives in Bali, but he grew up in East Germany – home to the FKK (Freikörperkultur). Translated as “Free Body Culture”, the movement is based on naturism, so he hadn’t experienced any taboos within it. A devoted traveler, Max spent three years sailing through the Southeast Asian archipelago. His background is in marine engineering, and he oversees technical aspects of the undertaking. With a positive attitude and heartfelt friendliness, Max’s spirit is infectious and thirsty for new experiences.


We have space for one man - or a couple - to join our September 18 - 24, 2020 departure, and enjoy a private cabin (one of the most spacious cabins on the ship) at no additional charge! A room on the lower deck is now available. More in comments below...

The boat you'll be sailing on is The StandardPlus Boat. The cabin offers 2 beds, one larger, one smaller (perhaps for your luggage, or as extra area for... socializing!) This is a tremendous opportunity to get away - and get a much-needed break - from events back home :)

Lower deck cabin 3A: Regular price for ONE MAN is $5,580... now, just $2,190. Regular price for a COUPLE is $6,070... now, just $4,380. For the discount, go to our Booking Page, select Cabin 3A or 3B, and enter coupon code ONEGUYSEPT (1 guy) or COUPLESEPT (2 guys)