Opihikao, Hawaii   (USA)

The Isle of You

Are you gay, straight or not sure; eco tourist, nudist, want to try being naked 24/7 or a naturist wanting to be surrounded by nature? We have your retreat in the classic Hawaiian style; laid back and natural. Our yurt offers you total privacy with a short walk to the shared bathroom. The vintage cabin is in the center of the farm. Both offer breathtaking ocean views from the lanai, and your best choice for your nudist retreat in Hawaii. Whether it's your sabbatical or just a different kind of accomodation you're seeking, our healing sanctuary will open the doors for you and hopefully change your life, (or at the least, put a big smile of contentment on your face ;-)


Ever dream of the perfect vacation where you check out of your reality? Well check in with the Isle of You. Really forget about answering your cell phone here because, well, we don't get reception! Really forget about having to plug into email at every moment because, well, no Internet connection either.

Get it yet?

The Yurt

Available with a shared full bathroom.
1 to 2 people.
Yurt sleeps 2 people.


$89.00 per day

The Cabin


Available with a shared full bathroom.
1 to 2 people.
Cabin sleeps 2 people.


$113.00 per day




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