Bournemouth, Dorset  (GB)

Hamilton Hall is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL HOTEL and you are welcome to be naked throughout the venue. This allows a freedom to be yourself and not be self conscious, especially when you realise we are all the same, we all love and hate bits about our bodies and regardless of age, no one is satisfied, we all want bigger, harder, tighter, from 21 - 91 - IT DOESN'T MATTER.
We do ask that you act in a MATURE & RESPONSIBLE MANNER - in front of others. Adolescents do not know how to behave and think it fun to show their willy off;-  while a sexually mature adult knows when is - and when is not approp[riate, and will act accordingly. 
Please sit on the towels provided.
We do have guidelines of appropriate behaviour and ask that you do not annoy or pester others.


from  £   65,00 pp / night

to      £ 145,00 pp / night


For more information, please visit the website

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